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We seek to operate Leasington like a great luxury hotel because we believe that good service transcends property class.
Every Houston multifamily property can have Leasington’s consistently premium service.


Our goal is to make high-performing, low-turnover communities that are positioned to grow revenue and net operating income every year. We focus on daily property-management excellence to create an exceptional experience for residents.

Our Services



Leasington knows leasing. It’s in our name for a reason. With our warm service and strenuous benchmarking, we can create a leasing system to boost occupancy and command premium rents.

Our focus on leasing fundamentals has made Leasington Houston’s top manager in revenue growth since our founding. We put durable systems in place to ensure effective resident selection and highly trained property staff. To drive leasing and NOI, we use industry-leading tools and techniques, including our own software tools.

Resident Selection


It all starts by finding the right residents for the property. Expert property marketing and tenant screening can attract well-qualified residents for whom the property is an ideal location.

Trained Staff


We teach our staff how to get prospects to the property, conduct a tour, follow up and close the deal. We do “secret shops” and foster skill-sharing among our leasing agents to ensure we continue to excel.

Leasington’s Leasing Tools

Lease-Spacing Tool

This proprietary tool typically adds at least 100 basis points to a property’s net operating income.

Pricing System

We identify opportunities to move up in rent on a unit-by-unit basis. Oftentimes, one mispriced floor plan may present a significant opportunity for revenue gains.


We offer daily revenue management, and we employ it with careful oversight and common sense. We can use either revenue management software or manual methods.


Property Operations

Leasington will execute for you at each property with caring service, a strong maintenance program and timely rent collection and accounts payable.


Property-level execution is the core of our work. Year after year, we have received awards recognizing our strength of service. Last year, we achieved collection rates of 98.8%. To achieve results at every property, we train our staff, utilize incentive programs and deploy root-cause analysis.

Customer Service

Great service is rare. We train our staff to provide it.


Consistently excellent customer service is at the core of Leasington’s financial performance. To deliver the best service, we start by recruiting warm, friendly and hardworking people and confirming their fit with personality assessment. We provide our staff with initial and ongoing training and offer bonuses based on performance metrics.


We look after your property like our own, on behalf of you and your residents.


  • 24-hour emergency maintenance
  • App-based maintenance with 24-hour tracker and follow-up by office
  • Customized preventative maintenance plan with tracking and execution to protect your property’s value
  • Strong attention to curb appeal to drive leasing and provide great living experience

Spotlight on Preventative Maintenance:

We focus on preventing maintenance issues before they begin. A preventative maintenance program not only keeps your residents happy. It also drives lease renewals, lowers turnover costs and, ultimately, increases the value of your property.


At Leasington, we develop a preventative maintenance checklist specific to each property. When we begin managing a property, we first identify and address any deferred maintenance issues. We then outline what we need to check weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. By catching potential issues early, we can prevent costly breakdowns and keep residents satisfied.


There is no property maintenance concern our team hasn’t identified and solved. And we believe it’s always better to solve something before it becomes a true problem.

Rent Collection

Our high collection rates reflect our successful resident screening, attention to detail and premium service.

Leasington achieved collection rates of 98.8% in 2022.

We use stringent tenant selection requirements, and we train our staff to ensure:

  • Diligence and attention to detail.
  • The wisdom to know when to be firm.
  • Staff know residents and keep track of their circumstances.

Accounts Payable

We view accounts payable as a power tool.


We take great care with our clients’ money. We make sure that well-qualified vendors perform quality work, and we pay vendors according to terms. Prompt payment of items due is the key to vendor loyalty. Accurate accounts payable is the foundation of financial reporting and cash flow analysis and thus is central to property success.


Property Positioning and Marketing

Leasington believes in creating a sense of place. Our goal – and a secret to our financial success – is to make a property into a special place to live, not just another apartment.


We perform careful market analysis and work with owners and asset managers to develop a sense of what truly differentiates every property. We then seek to highlight a property’s unique appeal. We create a consistent theme across all channels including marketing, website, social media, signage and resident communications.


In-Depth Financial Reporting

Optimize financial performance with custom insights into your property operations. Our customized reports allow you to view all important data in one quick snapshot.


Each morning, you can explore our Property Overview Report in your email inbox. This in-depth report shows occupancy, trends, rents, work orders, make-readies and much more. We also provide several additional daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. We have the ability to create custom reports as needed.


Additional Services

Construction Management

Our team has overseen impressive ground-up and renovation projects, and we will bring that experience to your project. Working with us from construction to lease-up and stabilization can help ensure consistent execution of your vision and ultimate success.

Comprehensive Due Diligence

Our experienced team will physically inspect the property, including every unit. We can bring in contractors or engineers for special assessments. We analyze market conditions, review financial records and assess the property’s potential for growth so you can make winning investments.

Environmental Graphic Design

As an extension of our work creating a strong sense of place at every property, we can oversee on-site branding efforts. We have an in-house team with dual experience in design and property management. Our design work serves to attract and retain residents and achieve your business goals.